Car dealership transport in Bristol

At Needs Auto Transport, we are specialists in car dealership transport in Bristol, and we serve throughout the UK, making sure cars and small commercial vehicles reach their destination safely, and without any additional wear and tear. Read about our range of vehicle delivery services below.

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Car transportation made easy

All you have to do is fill in our contact form or give us a call. Choose a date and place for your vehicle collection, and a drop off point, and we shall take care of every aspect of your vehicle delivery. We use MoDel to document the delivery process, and you can track your vehicle so you can prepare to receive it. We also take photographs of the vehicle before and after delivery for your reassurance.

We perform car dealership transport in Bristol and can take care of port delivery. We will pick up unregistered vehicles from a port to deliver them to dealerships and end users as needed.

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Delivery options:

Single car transport:

If you need a vehicle to be delivered to your home or work premises, we are here to help.

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Multi car transport:

We can carry up to 4 cars at a time depending on the make of the car: ideal for car dealership transport in Bristol.

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Light commercial car transport:

We transport vans, camper vans, chassis cab vans, working with companies like Enterprise, and can move any size commercial van.

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Specialist covered transport:

For transporting luxury specialist cars and classic cars. Protect your car from the UK weather during transport.  

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Frequently asked questions:


How much does our service cost?

Please contact us for a quote by calling 0117 279 4441 or filling out an enquiry form.

Where do we deliver?

We deliver to the whole of the mainland UK, including England, Wales and Scotland.

Are there cancellation charges?

Cancellation charges apply within 24 hours of collection date. There will be a full price cancellation charge applied if cancelled at the agreed collection time or after.

You can contact Needs Auto Delivery Ltd for luxury car transportation in Bristol and throughout the UK.

Call: 0117 279 4441

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Contact us for luxury car transportation in Bristol and throughout the UK.

Call: 0117 279 4441

(Press 1 for deliveries and 2 for accounts)